The Apartments - Apart (1997)

"The best way to define the Apartments would be: "the best kept secret in the universe." Peter Milton Walsh, founding member of this Australian group, describes his universe as a place of absence and loss."

A brisk Australian chamber pop group with echoes of Frenchman Serge Gainsbourg as well as Leonard Cohen and post-punk, the Apartments were formed early in the '80s by frontman and guitarist Peter Milton-Walsh, though the band's unhectic release schedule resulted in only three albums during their first dozen years. The Evening Visits... was released in the Apartments' home country in 1985, and though it did only moderately well there, the album became a cult classic in France. Seven years after the debut, Drift followed with similar exposure, causing a French label to sign the group for third album A Life Full of Farewells. After re-releasing the first two LPs, plus Fête Foraine (which featured acoustic renditions of previous songs), the Apartments even gained American release on Twin/Tone Records. Their fourth proper album, Apart, was released in 2000(*).
John Bush, All Music Guide

(*) U.S.A.


robert poland said...

Nice blog.!
It`s a very good start! Section 25 and The Passage - this is rare albums in PL.



stan said...

Excuse me. I would very much like to hear this Apartments album, but cannot find the link. The cover seems to link to itself?


Grande Diospiro said...

Link correct now. Sorry...

JP said...

Disco fabuloso. Encontrei-o há cerca de 2 anos em 2ª mão.