Paul Haig - Coincidence vs Fate (1993)

Paul Haig might be best known as the frontman of Scottish post-punk band Josef K, whose lone official record played a major role in the development of the C-86 scene that followed a few years after the group's disintegration. Haig continued with a number of involvements in the following decades, releasing a number of records on his own in addition to issuing several collaborative efforts. The early-'80s breakup of Josef K also saw him abandon some of the anti-commercial ideals that he previously stood for, as he also aligned himself with a number of musically varied names in the process.

Originally released in 1993 on Crepuscule, Coincidence Vs Fate was Haig's fourth solo album, and ranks among his best and most adventurous work. Variously produced by US dance luminaries Curtis Mantronik and Lil' Louis, as well as British production team The Chimes, the material veers from chilled dance (Flight X) to slinky fidget latin (My Kind) via a jawdropping cover of the lush Suicide ballad Surrender, as deceptively surreal as any David Lynch movie.
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biffbangpow said...

thanks for all of these posts with a very good taste, i'm a great fan of Paul Haig (my favourite album is "the warp of pure fun") but i also like all the crepucule /factory catalogue as you ... Section 25, the Passage, the Durutti Column, Isabelle Antena ...
I try to listne all the new indie stuff but i'm always returning to these beautiful old songs ...
keep on the good job


Grande Diospiro said...

Thanks BBP.
I keep listening to all new stuff i can grab, but when you are as near of the 40s as we are we can't avoid being nostalgic.
Grande Diospiro